the west coast gift

Jeff has relatives that live on the west coast.  As many of us do.

His are slightly different than most.  If I were to call them the worst gift givers in the world it may be too nice of a title.

This year they gave Jeff and his sister copper-ish bracelets.  Neither one of them is the bracelet wearing type in my opinion.

But Jeff put on an all too happy face and modeled his new jewelry for me.

So…what do you think of the bracelet?

I couldn’t get past the face that Jeff is making to even notice the bracelet personally.

This fancy west coast bracelet will rot in a dresser drawer until we find it in 8 years and give it to Carah to play with.


  1. Save yourself the drawer space and give it to her now.

  2. Oh my, that’s all I got!

  3. I think he looks pretty!!!!
    That shit is way too funny! If my husband wore a chain like bracelet I would punch him in the face!

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