Happy and Merry

The few days before Christmas are sometimes filled with sleeping, baking and even more sleeping.
Hey, baking makes me tired.

But this year is a whole new ball game.  This year is our year.

This year we have the little monsters.

These monsters.

Jeff has them every other year at Christmas as part of the joint custody agreement.  Which, we are all not that formal, we follow the general rule of every other Thanksgiving and every other Christmas we have the kids.  This year is our Christmas.  Last time we had them for Christmas Brady was only 1 year old and the holiday didn’t really mean as much to him.  But now since he is 3 we can really use the whole naughty or nice thing to our advantage.  He is overjoyed to have Santa come to HIS house.

BUT on the years we have the kids it is rush this, buy this, wrap this, wrap it again, stop leaning on the tree, stop touching yourself, Christmas dinner at our house, Christmas Eve at Grandma’s, rush there, you’re late, seriously, stop touching yourself, sit like a lady, didn’t I already wrap this, doesn’t Santa do anything anymore.  Which all ends up with me being exhausted, the kids are in a whine fest and Jeff is read to snap.

Aren’t the holidays amazing!?

So as I run around with my tape covering all of those ‘accidental’ finger hole pokes in the presents I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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