all I want for Christmas is to never buy diapers again

After watching 10+ kids run around Brittany’s house on Friday for a cookie exchange excuse to get together and drink wine late into the night I was ready to take on the challenge of the weekend.

And it was a big one.

Potty training.

The thought of it alone made me think of scads of feces trampled around my family room, urine soaking into the faux-suede couch and multiple baths for everyone.  It was not a pretty picture.

Brady is 3 years and 3 months old.  Seriously a touch late on the potty training.  But he does have a hectic schedule where everything is not always consistent.  In a given two week period Brady spends 1 week at moms and 1 week at dads, multiple days at the baby-sitters house and multiple days at grandma and papas house.  We shuttle him around so much that we have all been very lax on the potty training.  We expected he knew how to control his bodily functions enough to use the toilet but just didnt want to give up the security of the diaper.

We tested this theory all day Saturday and Sunday.  Poor Brady was wearing a shirt, socks and his awesome Mickey Mouse underwear.  No pants.  Pants are just one more obstacle when the toilet is just within reach.  He didn’t leave the house at all this weekend.  And I have to say I am really impressed at how well he did.

3 underwear accidents
14 potty-going successes

Which is chart-topping in my book.

It may have helped that we let him pick out a piece of candy every time he actually went to the bathroom and we pumped him full of juice all day to keep that little bladder full.

All in all…success.
We are putting up a united front at all 4 of his daycare/houses.  Underwear during the day and diapers only when he is sleeping.
Yes, I know he needs to start wearing underwear at bed too…one thing at a time though.

Santa is even rumored to be bringing him big boy underwear at moms/dads/grandmas as well…the big guy knows Brady needs to keep it up!

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