Giveaway: Seventh Generation Laundry Products

As a parent, you already do so much to protect your family- buckling seatbelts, cooking healthy meals and requiring bike helmets. But did you know that the laundry detergent you may be using could contain little-known chemicals called optical brighteners?

According to scientific research, these can cause allergic reactions, are toxic to small fish and other aquatic life, and can pollute your waterways.

When ultraviolet light hits optical brighteners coating your clothing, the brighteners convert UV rays into visible light to create an optical illusion. This tricks the eye into thinking the clothing is whiter and brighter, and therefore cleaner than it really is.

So how can you avoid these optical brighteners? Seventh Generation makes it easy because their laundry detergents are not only free of optical brighteners, but they´re also non-toxic . In addition, because Seventh Generation liquid laundry detergents are both hypo-allergenic and biodegradable, you can rest easy knowing you made a considerate choice for your family and the environment. We invite you to take part in this Spark and conduct your own experiment to see the difference between your current laundry detergent and Seventh Generation laundry detergent.

When washed in a conventional laundry detergent that contains optical brighteners, clothes appear to glow under a black light. When you use Seventh Generation liquid laundry products, you won´t see the same glow on your clothing.

MyBlogSpark and Seventh Generation sent me two test t shirts and a black light so I could run my own experiment. I took two identical organic cotton shirts and washed one in a conventional laundry detergent that contains optical brighteners (I washed in Tide) and the other in Seventh Generation laundry detergent which does not use optical brighteners.
Here are my results:
The shirt washed in conventional detergent gave off an obvious ‘white’ glow under the black light where the seventh generation shirt was much darker and didn’t seem to have been ‘brightened’.

After washing Pic - Same Color to the naked eye

conventional detergent

Seventh Generation detergent

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  1. We try to be very environmentally friendly around here so we eat organic, lots of recycling, natural detergents and cleaners, reusable bags, etc

  2. I always use eco-friendly laundry detergents and have since my babies were born. Something I just learned is to use vinegar in place of Jet-dry in the Rinse Agent spot of the dishwasher. Works like magic!

  3. We recycle and try to do things more naturally. Including, cleaning with white vinegar and using it as a fabric softener.

  4. i do not use plastic bottles or plastic bags, i do lots of recycling and use cloth diapers on my daughter. i buy organic when i can, but i am pretty poor, so i cant do that as much as id like, however we do limit packaged, processed foods and mostly eat only natural foods

  5. I try to do a lot of things to keep up healthy but since we’re talking laundry Ill mention that for years I’ve only used “good” detergents and natural cleaners. No toxic chemicals in our house!

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    cruncybeachmama at gmail dot com

  6. I keep my family healthy at home but making sure that everything is as clean as possible!

  7. We try to keep healthy by washing our hands a lot!

  8. I liked Two Sides on Facebook!

  9. I liked Seventh Gen on FB