my new rechargeable friend, Greta

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Jeff?

He puts up with my constant nagging, my laziness, fabulous choices in television and movie entertainment, my cooking, my lackluster (only at times) cleaning and everything else that when you add it up you get Amanda.  She-devil.

For my birthday this year he asked me what I wanted.  And when I couldnt have this.

He got me this

The Garmin Forerunner 205.

So what is it?  It is a Garmin for runners.  You strap on this over sized watch-ish creature and it tracks so many amazing things.

This is my next step in the 5K domination plan.

Watch me conquer my fears of running and 5K’s now that I have this.

Seriously, this is going to help me in my training by tracking my miles ran, pace, and even my running route so I can compare my workouts.

I am pretty geeked with this one.  This is where I know I am getting older.  When a device to help me exercise gets me all giddy like a kid at at Toys R Us.  Never the less I am stoked for my first run with Greta, my new rechargeable friend.


  1. […] much much much slower than I have in training and in my other race I started to get down.  Even Greta gave up on me before the race began.  I made sure she was charged and ready to keep my pace for me. […]

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