they don’t count as real fruit

It is a hard fact to face but fruit roll ups do not count as a serving of fruit. It fucking sucks because I can eat an entire box in a day. If they were actually fruit then I would be the healthiest person ever.

Fruit roll ups (fru) are absolutly delicious and come in a multitude of flavors…Berry, Blue Raspberry, Sunberry (what the fuck is a sunberry?) and my favorite, Strawberry.
I enjoy a fruit roll up each night after dinner. These are really the perfect snack…even for dieters! They are only 50 calories and 1 gram of fat. But there is so much (haha) real…okay maybe artificial, fruit flavor packed into this flat plastic looking sheet of yum. I have a method for eating my after dinner treat as well. Tear the fru in half along the perferated crease. Then commense to fold the fru in half until it is flat and compact. The only other acceptable method to eat a fru is by jamming the entire thing in your mouth. Simply delish.

OH! And I will admit that I was incorrect, if you note the first ingredient…it is pears from concentrate. Maybe I am the healthiest person around. Thank you fru.

Here is the best webpage ever for fru lovers. I am in love with this website. You can have your own images and words put right onto a fruit roll up. I can just see it now…I reach for my nightly fru fix a few years into the future…I open it and tear it from its plastic backing…then I notice the following phrase: amanda, will you marry me? Then I cry and say yes, yes I will! But soon after the sobbing commenses I will fold my fru into a perfectly flat and compact vessel and proceed to eat.


  1. Have you tried the organic, real fruit, fru wannabe things? Have you ever eaten a shoe dipped in jam? Me neither, but after the organic wannabe fru incident, I think I have come to a realization of what eating a show dipped in jam might really be like. Just a heads up.

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