quite possibly, the world’s most perfect food

No, not bananas. CEREAL! It could be the worlds most perfect food.
For 3 very solid reasons:
1. There are a million different varaties of cereal. You could have a different kind of cereal everyday for at least 2 months with no repeats. I love every kind of cereal that is out there. I love raisin bran, cinnamon toast crunch, trix (poor rabbit), kix, chex (especially the chocolate chex), frosted flakes, corn flakes, cheerios, lucky charms, total, special k, smart start, apple jacks, fruit loops, crispix, cracklin oat bran (which was much better with the old recipe), and the numerous granola type cereals.
2. You can add all sorts of things to cereal and even add cereal to other things. Adding bananas (which was previously the worlds most perfect food before I bumped it) or any other kind of fruit is a small joy of mine. Certain cereals such as rice krispies and special k share my joy as they have added strawberries to their cereals, heavenly. Whenever I indulge in some yogurt I always like to top it off with a scrumptious cereal. I have been known to run the gammot on this one and use fruit loops or cracklin oat bran, of course I love granola, a staple to many.
3. Mini cereal marshmallows. Does life get any better than this? No. No, it doesnt.

There are a few cereals that I am particularly fond of…and in no particular order here they are:
Post Grape Nuts. This cereal baffles me. The name itself reminds me of an episode of SNL’s Coffee Talk with Linda Richman (Mike Myers)…I’m a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: Grape Nuts, neither a grape nor a nut. Discuss. But their flavor and crunch…like buttah. Like a big bowl of buttah.
I like to top my Grape Nuts with an adequate amount of sugar. I tend to be one spoonful away from my body entering a state of sugar shock and having to press my panic alert button so that the appropriate authories can be contacted to resusitate me. My only problem with Grape Nuts is that I always get them stuck between my teeth. It is obvious that they have been mixed with some sort of cement-like substance that makes them one of the hardest materials known to mankind. Chew with caution.
Frosted Mini Wheats. These are deceptively good. Something about the 8 layers of stringy wheat that makes me giddy. I like to eat them straight from the box. They MUST be frosted or else I would be eating something healthy and that alone could kill me.
Rice Krispies. Of course these top the list! Who can resist that SNAP! CRACKLE! POP!?? They are best enjoyed in a fashion that we all know as Rice Krispies Treats. These combine two of my favorite things: cereal and marshmallows. My ultra glamorous friends know of my love for marshmallows. Ah, but that will have to be tackled another time.

This concept of cereal as any ‘any meal’ food has really taken off. Please check out the following website as it will delight and thrill so many of you: http://www.cereality.com/. In the words of my fallen friend…cereal is so wonderful, so marvelous. (you will be missed)


  1. I love cereal. I especially enjoy Cheerios, but Cheerios MIXED WITH Rice Krispies is even better!!!

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