Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Personalized Bibs

One of the fun things about the Glass City Marathon races is the personalized bibs. It is something so incredibly small that makes me smile and feel unique during the race.

Race bibs are color coded based on the race you are entered to run (examples below). The bib also includes the B-Tag, your tracking device to record your time during the race. Your corral assignment is printed just above your name and the most important item, in my opinion, are the two drink tickets located on the bottom right of the bib. Great Black Swamp Brewing creates a special beer for the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon called Glass City Glory and it is fabulous. No matter which race you run, a couple of drinks when you finish helps the recovery process, right?!

BUT, you need to register before midnight on Friday, March 31 to be able to personalize your bib! Make sure you get to the webpage and get your message/name/nickname/dog’s name/business printed on your bib!

Monday’s Motivation

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Monday’s Motivation